Anniversary Week of Remission: Celebration of Life

Written by: Traci Patterson, Owner, Advanced Pathways Hypnosis

This is my anniversary week! The week that I officially got my pain levels to a zero in all areas and regained my life. The week that I started down a new road in my journey…a celebration of life!

Remission is a topic that I have written about before, but it is so much more than just a word. It is a word that reflects independence, life, hope, future and so much more, and yet, there are so many physicians and patients that are afraid to speak about remission, afraid to speak about the possibility of getting pain free.  Why? Too often, physicians are unsure of clear treatment plans for this condition or what steps to take with patients, and stepping outside the box is just out of the question.

The causes and the symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) may vary a bit from person to person, but all those that suffer from this condition have many things in common. They feel isolated, they feel like they are the only one going through this, and they just want the constant neuropathic pain to stop. Too often, they are afraid to admit it because of the stigma that still exists with chronic pain. That is how I felt until I finally realized that I could no longer continue living the way I was living and sought out the help to get into remission – to get pain free!

My journey with CRPS was life changing. This is the case for every chronic pain patient, every patient with CRPS, or anyone with a debilitating illness. It changes your personality, your outlook, your life and your family unit as a whole. When you are in the clutches of chronic pain, you feel like it will never end and you wonder if you will ever get your life back. Yet, I was fortunate enough to get my life back and then some.

For me, traditional medicine consisted of physical therapy, NSAIDS, local blocks, regional blocks, lumbar sympathetic blocks and spinal cord stimulators. These treatments only progressed my CRPS from my left foot/ankle into my back (waist to my shoulder). After these treatment protocols failed, I moved my treatments out of country to Frankfurt, Germany. There, I was successful in decreasing my pain levels and shrinking the area of my CRPS, but unfortunately, I was unable to get into remission. As I continued on my journey, I was referred to a clinic in Tennessee that utilized clinical hypnosis, imagery, biofeedback, light/sound therapy and many other techniques. It was there that I was able to get into remission.

Remission seemed like a dream. I was in awe when it actually occurred! For the first time in over 6 years, I had zero pain and I had no idea what to do. Well, I did, but my body didn’t. My mind wanted to jump, skip, dance and run. My body, on the other hand, had to learn how to balance, how to walk and how to handle this new-found freedom.

This week, I am reflecting on my journey with CRPS, my new outlook on life, a greater respect for how precious every month, day and minute is in our lives, the ability to give back to others and to get the word out that remission is possible.

If I could go to the top of the highest mountain, the top of a skyscraper or to the ends of the Earth to get the word out that there is hope and there is a possibility of remission when it comes to CRPS/RSD, I would. And I am!

If you find yourself in a place where you are living a life of constant chronic pain, I will be honest with you. It is not easy to get into remission. It will take a lot of determination and hard work on your part. But no matter what difficulties are in front of you, no matter how alone you feel, no matter how dark life may seem even when the sun is brightly shining, you can do it! I have been where you are and I can tell you there is hope. I am living proof of it. Never give up hope of remission!

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