Anxiety Scrambles Your Brain

ByTraci Patterson, CH, CI – Owner and Founder, Advanced Pathways Hypnosis

I think that anyone that has studied for a board or exam can tell you that it’s no surprise to hear that anxiety scrambles your brain making learning hard. This is the case for those taking board exams (lawyers, CPAs, nurses, etc.), college and high school students. They are under immense pressure to perform well in school in preparation for the next step in their career or scholastic journey. The levels of stress, anxiety and possible depression in our society today is truly frightening.

The good news is that those individuals that I meet in my office and online all report to me that they have benefited from hypnosis for anxiety and hypnosis for academic performance. It’s interesting to see that hypnosis comes naturally to students and it is easy to learn self-hypnosis for stress management and academic performance too.


How anxiety scrambles your brain and makes it hard to learn

The Guardian, Juliet Rix: In someone with an anxiety problem, it seems, the brain is making incorrect decisions about what to fear and the prefrontal cortex fails to suppress the amygdala, putting the body into fight or flight mode.

In this state, levels of the hormone adrenaline rise and the sympathetic nervous system – which controls automatic activities (like breathing) rather than conscious action – takes over. The heart rate rises, breathing speeds up and blood is diverted to the limbs, blood pressure and body temperature increase, and you may start to sweat.

This is clearly not a state conducive to learning or concentrating in a seminar, says clinical psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin. “Even if you manage to take in what is being said, the information is likely to bounce around [in your brain], not being processed properly or stored in your long-term memory.”

Read How anxiety scrambles your brain and makes it hard to learn


The relation of depression and anxiety to life-stress and achievement in students


As we head into winter break for many that means that they are already cramming for finals and are getting all their projects wrapped up to head home for the holidays. Many are experiencing lots of stress and anxiety. They often mention things such as not being able to concentrate, loss of focus and too many thoughts or ideas in their mind. All of this can be honed in and you can quiet your mind with hypnosis.

Studies have shown that hypnosis can enhance your academic performance. When you relax, your mind becomes more absorbent and able to learn. Think of it like a big sponge. Use hypnosis to maximize your ability to relax, study effectively, understand and retain the information you are learning, organize the information and communicate it back clearly. Learning self-hypnosis can increase your GPA, help you to overcome anxiety, increase your motivation and help you to feel more confident.

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