CRPS: Treatment Options That Work

By:  Traci Patterson, CH, CI, Owner and Founder of Advanced Pathways Hypnosis

Advanced Pathways is providing CRPS/RSD and chronic pain patients with solutions, hope and health.

Today there are more and more patients living with chronic pain and conditions such as CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).  The numbers are staggering not only in the United States but worldwide.

Too often I am reading on Facebook, Twitter and in publications that there are no treatment options available for patients diagnosed with chronic pain – especially CRPS/RSD.  In the last year I even spoke with a gentleman whose mother was diagnosed with CRPS, and he was wanting to help her and others in the CRPS community.  Yet in his recent interviews he states, ‘…No, I have not spoken with anyone that has gotten into remission with CRPS…”, and stated that he felt it will be quite some time before this can realistically happen.  Why?   I don’t understand why people are so quick to discount things that are working, but are outside the typical box of “Traditional Medicine”.  Are they afraid to step away from what is so ingrained in them to get better, to help a loved one, or to help others?

I know for myself, traditional medicine, and all it had to offer only progressed my CRPS and caused it to spread.  I hear this over and over again from clients/patients that I treat with CRPS.  So, why are more people not willing to look outside the box to find their answers?

Our traditionally trained physicians are doing their best to help those dealing with chronic pain, CRPS/RSD, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic migraines and other invisible illnesses but it just isn’t enough.  Putting patients on off label medication in hope that it will mask there symptoms is not the answer.  Look at all of the side effects of these medication and what are the long-term effects on the patients?  High levels of opioids do not take away the pain.  I can personally attest to this.  I am not coming out against giving chronic pain patients medications to assist them in controlling their pain, so please don’t take that wrong.  What I am stating is that we have to be willing to look at what our body is doing, where the chronic pain loop is starting from and how we can break that loop to make the patients better.

Injections, blocks, spinal cord stimulators, pain pumps and medical marijuana are just not the answer.  None of these are going to break the chronic pain loop, re-set the limbic system and help the patient to regain control!

What I personally found after living and suffering with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) type 2 for 6+ years was that is was possible to break the chronic pain loop.  It was possible to reset the limbic system.  It was possible to work with a myriad of drug-free and non-invasive protocols to get my life back.  This is now what I am calling, “Hypnosis Combined Therapy”, and it is allowing chronic pain patients to achieve their goals, regain their lives and for most to get into remission.

Here is a link to a presentation you may find helpful:  Advanced Pathways Hypnosis – CRPS

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Fibromyalgia: Successful Treatment Option

     In 1987, the American Medical Association recognized Fibromyalgia as a true physical illness and major cause of disability.  Yes, we all know that this condition has been around much longer than this and in all reality there was an illness in the 1800’s called neurasthenia where people developed the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Since the dawn of time patients have looked to their physicians for answers and treatments to alleviate their symptoms or put this condition into remission.  Instead they are told over and over again that there is no cure and are given no hope.
     I had a Fibromyalgia patient come to me to complete a, ‘one week intensive’ in August, 2014.  She had been surviving with the condition for 30 years of her life.  She had tried most of the traditional treatments and nothing worked to alleviate the pain/discomfort that comes with this condition.  For those of you that live with Fibromyalgia, you know it is very debilitating at best.  It took away her ability to have the quality of life that she dreamed of, it stole from her the ability to share precious moments with her family, stopped her from enjoying shopping or having the capability to do a full shopping trip, much less enjoying a concert or any other function dealing with large groups of people, etc.  When she came to me her average “Pain Level” was 9/10 and her “Sleep Quality” was 9/10 [0 being the best and 10 being the worst].  At the end of the week she rated her “Pain Level” at 0/10 and her “Sleep Quality” at 1/10 [0 being the best and 10 being the worst].  She was at a ‘0’ (zero) in all of the areas in her body from her head to her toes for the first time in 30 years.  She had her life back, she had the ability to start to pick up the pieces and to do the things that she had wanted to do for so long and more!
     Fibromyalgia is a medical condition known for chronic pain throughout the body, accompanied by tenderness around the joints, muscles, tendons and soft tissues. This causes those who are suffering from fibromyalgia to constantly feel tired, with aching bodies and sore areas that become more painful from contact. This condition can lead to a whole host of physical ailments that can make it difficult for people to go about their daily routines. The chronic aches and pains along with other complications related to Fibromyalgia result in a very debilitating condition.
     Too many patients hear the words that there is no treatment that can help them, there is no cure, or there is no hope.  Yes, the reality is there is no “cure” at this time, but at the same time there are treatments available that are non-invasive and drug-free that can significantly decrease pain levels and for many patients even completely alleviate their pain.
     Hypnosis Combined Therapy has the ability to break the chronic pain loop using hypnosis/hypnotherapy, biofeedback, light/sound therapy, neuroplasticity training, cell memory and etc.  This is the protocol that was utilized with the Fibromyalgia patient that I referred to above.  Today, she is enjoying a new life, pain free.  She is a whole new person!  She is spending quality time with her family, going to family functions, traveling, going to concerts, shopping with ease and has the energy to complete her tasks without thinking about it.
     “I went through a week of treatment with Traci in August, 2014, after being close to disabled for many
years. The treatment worked wonders, partly because of the nature of the treatment, but also because of Traci’s customizing each client’s treatment to their own interests and goals. Now, I’m fully functional and making up for the years’ worth of that I’ve missed…” Colleen G.
     Here is a link to an audio file of when Colleen called into a radio show that my husband was hosting:
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